Palestinian War Crimes Case Against Israel Faces Long Road


abbas-arafatDays after winning upgraded status at the United Nations, the Palestinians are threatening to join the world’s first permanent war crimes court and pursue charges against the Israelis.

Although the Palestinians say that any decision is still a long ways off, the mere threat has unnerved Israel. But pressing a case may not be so simple and could potentially leave the Palestinians themselves vulnerable to prosecution.

Since winning recognition as a nonmember observer state in the United Nations General Assembly last week, the Palestinians believe they now qualify for membership in the International Criminal Court.

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{ Newscenter}


  1. Of course. They said from the getgo that that was one of the main reasons they wanted to elevate their status. They know that the International Criminal Barnum and Bailey Court will gleefully prosecute Israel without giving so much as a clown’s hoot about what the PA does to its own people, let alone to the Israelis.


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