Parshas Noach: Daas Zikeinim – Liars & Losers, A Marriage Made In The Mabul


torahRashi says that we see from the words “MiKol HaChai” (Noach 6:19) that even Sheidim were admitted to the Teivah. The Daas Zikeinim MiBaalei HaTosfos brings a Medrash that says that Sheker, the liar, came to Noach and asked to be admitted to the Teivah. Noach told him that only couples are allowed in the Teivah and Sheker has no mate.Sheker then went and found Pechas, the koach that makes people lose their money. Sheker asked Pechas if it would become its spouse so that they can be admitted into the Teivah. Pechas asked Sheker, what he would give in order for her to agree to the marriage. Sheker said he would give everything that he earns. The Shidduch was made and they entered the Teivah.

Since that day everything that one earns with Sheker, through dishonesty becomes property of Pechas, and is all ultimately lost!

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