PepsiCo To Buy Israel’s SodaStream In $3.2 Billion Deal


PepsiCo is buying Israeli household drink-machine maker SodaStream in a $3.2 billion deal, it said on Monday, seeking an edge in health-conscious beverages as it battles chief rival Coca-Cola.

PepsiCo will acquire SodaStream for $144 per share in cash, representing a 10.9 percent premium to the Friday closing price of SodaStream’s U.S.-listed stock.

SodaStream, which makes machines that turn tap water into carbonated water, will help diversify PepsiCo’s portfolio of snacks and beverages.

Read more at REUTERS.



  1. Israeli startups always sell themselves cheap. They can’t handle a victory even if it’s handed to them on a silver platter. Just like the miraculous victory of the six day war and Israeli elites efforts to negate it.

  2. Amazing how things are changing about Israel.

    Most people do not remember the days of the Arab League boycott of Israel, where Pepsi Cola refrained from selling and manufacturing in Israel, and only entered the Israeli market in 1991.

    Now Pepsi has no qualms about buying an Israeli company!


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