Photo Revealing Israeli F-35 Secrets Reportedly Posted Online By IDF Soldiers


Israel Defense Forces soldiers reportedly took photographs of classified equipment and then posted them on the internet, exposing sensitive material to the public.

Among the photos — all of which have since been removed — was one of an Israel F-35 stealth fighter in an underground bunker at the Nevatim base in the south of the country, Hadashot TV news reported Tuesday. The photo showed the plane being armed while a “foreign entity” was seen attending to the craft, the report said.


A tank officer who saw the photos told Hadashot, “This is shocking, like an act of espionage. Anyone who does something like this is aiding Israel’s enemies.”

The confidential photos were all taken by soldiers and officers, none of whom had permission to publish the material, the report said.



Read more at Times of Israel.




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