Photos: Anti-Israel Chassidim Hold Protest Against the State of Israel in Manhattan (JDN)

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  1. Which problem did the Zionist create?
    Supporting financially hundreds of thousands Bnei Yeshivos, Bais Yakovs & Kollelim?
    The amount of Torah learning & Shemiras Hamitzvas in E.Y. did it ever exists before?
    Preventing the Shmad of 75% of intermarriage that exists today in Chu”l?
    So what’s the problem?

  2. It’s too bad that they aren’t holding their “holy protest” on Yom Kippur itself. Not only would that show determination and zeal – standing outside all day long, while fasting, but, vastly more important, the prayers of these self-righteous perpetrators of constant Chilul Hashem wouldn’t be mixing with tefilos of normal Yidden. Oh well, maybe these farshtunkene goats will go to Azoozel, instead.

  3. I pity that chicken. Not these crazy people. Can anyone tell me who finances these warped minds? I Hope these semi people will be the target of president trump when he is done with the nfl.

  4. Please stop calling them Chasidim they are crazies with no connection to Chasidus.
    What these crazies are doing is the opposite what Chasidus teaches.

  5. The Satmar Rebbe doesn’t represent me He represents his Hundred thousand Chasidim.
    Bibi doesn’t represent me He represents the State of Israel and its 8.5 million citizens

    • You forgot to blame them for Global Warming, Solar Flares, churban Bayis Rishon & Sheini, Chet ha’Egel, Pearl Harbor, burned kugel and subway delays.

    • R. Ya’akov Kamenetsky writes in his Emes Le-Ya’akov Al Ha-Torah (Exodus 12:2 n. 17):
      It is incumbent on us to understand that the establishment of the state of Israel in our day, after the the great destruction and despair that overtook the remnant, and given the desperate and destroyed status of Russian Jewry, God caused the establishment of the state of Israel in order to strengthen the connection to Judaism and to sustain the link between the Jews in exile and the Jewish nation

  6. It’s time for these Moron Losers to get a day job & start doing something with their life instead of fighting Isreal all day, GET A LIFE !! GET A JOB !!! U have nothing better to do all day than to trash Isreal ? I’ll say this what happened a week & 1/2 ago in Yerushalayim was nasty an Isreali police push to the ground like a Nazi a young Frum man, that’s wrong & should be dealt with, that is totally uncalled for, however what’s not reported here is that the Frum young men were attacking the police, u wana protest do so but do it in a peaceful man & stop messing with the police for Gd Almighty’s sake, also the title “Anti Isreal Chassidim” is so ridiculous & moronic, why can’t u just say satmar bec that’s who it is, your not hiding their identity by calling them “Anti Isreal Chassidim” we all know it’s satmar, what do u think, that we thought it’s Ger ? Just take a look @ those pics we all know it’s satmar so what is the point of writing “Anti Isreal Chassidim” maybe u should write “Anti Internet Chassidim” bec they hate the Internet as much as they hate Isreal, another point is, if they really hate what the Isreali police are doing & how they are treating frum ppl go fly to Tel Aviv & make a huge protest in middle of Yerushalayim, I doesn’t do a Darn thing to protest in middle of Manhattan, go to where it counts, get one of your wealthy donors to sponsor flights to Tel Aviv & voice your opinion to the Isreali Government & Police yourselves, standing in middle of Manhattan doesn’t do anything, zilch Nada Jack, so enough with your protests & get yourselves busy with a full time job, Stop Goofing Off !! Enough !! Get A Life !!!

  7. For sure all their speeches were in Yiddish bec they don’t speak English, so if they wana get their message to the world why would they go all the way to Manhattan & have all their speeches in Yiddish when no one in Manhattan understands a word they’re saying, for the same price go do it in Kiryas Yoel, it’s pointless, if they would have it in English that would be 1 thing but they don’t, besides the fact that they should do it in Yerushalayim not in Manhattan, nobody in Manhattan really cares or is interested in what happened, so really it’s So So Moronic & Silly to do this all in Yiddish !! Move on with Life !! Your not gona Stop Isreal & No one is gona listen to u, Get busy & do something Productive with your lives instead of Bashing Isreal All Day !! U look foolish & Stupid !!!

  8. Bunch of Clowns with beards, hats & long black jackets, I agree with comment # 21 “Get A LIFE & Job” why does Matzav even give these Moron Loser Clowns attention, they want u to acknowledge them & take pics, they are against the Internet, they probably know that you will post it on the Web, but their main thing is show the world that they are right, don’t give them any exposure, they aren’t worth your time & money, what u should be doing is ignoring them, pay them no attention, no one in the Frum world agrees with them, about the Army they have a point, everything else is all their shenanigans, Garbage, Moronicness, Stupidity, Foolishness, Imaturity, Craziness, they seriously got issues, they must seek help right away, this OCD about Isreal is really messing them up, they can’t sleep @ night bec of Isreal, I’m sick of them & had enough with their trash & garbage, please stop reporting news on them, it’s nothing new, & to all those who comment that this is a Great thing & Achdus, u got major issues & need to see a psychiatrist right away !!! They all need help, they don’t know how sick of OCD they are !!! Next time pay them no attention, ty

  9. Chassidim?
    For all those interested in historical accuracy, Neturei Karta have zero connection with Chassidus. Even less than satmar, who believe “nishtakcha toras habesh”t”.

  10. This isn’t NK (Neturei Karta) this is Satmar all the way, the way to know if this is NK is if they have a blue Magen David with a circle around it & a red slash through it, No sorry to tell u but this is pure Satmar all the way, it happens to be that NK here in the US which is based out of Wb (Williamsburg) Bklyn & KY (Kiryas Yoel) Monroe are all Satmar that became NK none of them are NK, bec real NK don’t have the Chassidish pronunciation of words like Maylech instead of Melech, but regarding the Chassidus thing, yes why is Satmar being called Chassidus when their Rebbe has clearly said that the “Teachings of the Bal Shem Tov have been forgotten” they truly have no connection to Chassidus, a lot of them will learn Lekutei Torah from the Bal HaTanya but they won’t learn any of the otheRebbe 6 Admorim of Lubavitch except those who spoke out against the Medina which was the 5th & 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe’s all the others especially the most recent one they won’t learn, so yes the only real connection that they have to Chassidisim is that they look & dress like Chassidim, they aren’t Litvaks that’s for sure !!! The point is Chassidisim is about learning the mystical parts of the Torah which the only thing they focus on is fighting the Isreali Government & the The State, there isn’t any mystical Chassidic Kabalistic about that, they should be focused on learning Chassidus not fighting Isreal, Plus they really need a Life & Full time Job, Major Therapy & a Great Psychiatrist, they are looking for attention & that’s another reason why u should pay them No attention. Thank you

  11. Nothing would please me more for someone to rid of these Islamist radicals.

    The satmar rabbi would be turning over in his grave if we’re alive to see this


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