Photos: Chai Lifeline Lakewood 10th Anniversary Dinner


chai-lifelineJuly 20, 2009. It was quite early in the evening in Lakewood, NJ and already the streets surrounding Bais Faiga Hall were flooded with cars as parking spaces became increasingly scarce. It was no wonder, for this was the 10th anniversary Reception of Chai Lifeline Lakewood, whose work on behalf of Lakewood’s cholim is held in highest regard throughout the community. Indeed, over 3,000 men and women attended the event, in a massive display of chizuk and Nesias ol for Chai Lifeline and the families they are devoted to. The attendance of the Roshei Yeshiva, distinguished rabbonim, askanim and community members representing the entire spectrum of the Kehila, underscored the special place that Chai Lifeline Lakewood holds in the collective heart of a community greatly admiring its achievements.

The following is a letter received right before the dinner.

July 2009 / Tamuz 6769

Dear Chai Lifeline,

Last year, when I didn’t get around to writing this letter for the reception, I thought I had missed an opportunity. Little did I realize, that we would need Chai Lifeline’s services again…

From day one – literally – when 2 volunteers showed up in the hospital on erev Yom tov, Chai Lifeline has been with us every step of the way. Whether it was getting a top doctor, help with insurance, setting up a camera in the classroom and a computer at home, or the endless amounts of rides (with plenty of extra waiting time). Let’s not forget financial assistance, all those food packages, hiring (and paying) for special tutors, free cell phone and tons & tons of help with arrangements.

Most important – those super special hospital visits from unbelievable volunteers, always at the right time, to cheer up our child – and always with a present and a smile. How about those stand-in volunteers for when we had to step out a little – Chai Lifeline was, and always is – there.

The list goes on and on, I didn’t mention everything yet. The super dedication, 24/7, with such unbelievable compassion and capability of our case worker has been a real lifesaver. Paper and words alone are way way too inadequate to express our Hakaros Hatov. We thank Hashem for sending us these Shluchei D’rachmana in our times of need.

Many times, the thought crossed our minds (and mouths) – that these tremendous chasadim – are in itself a powerful zechus for our child and the other children in need of a Refua Shleima. Look Hashem how your children excel and exert of themselves bending over backwards with all their Kochos to reach out and help a fellow Jew – please – in that zechus, send our child – and all the other children – a Refua Sheleima.

May all those involved – all those Malochei Rachamim- so selflessly dedicated – never know from any tzoros, and should always be gebentched with kol tov selah.

A Grateful Lakewood Family

See below for photos of the dinner:

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