Photos: Wedding of Belzer Rebbe’s Grandson


belz[Expanded album below.] Last night, the wedding of a grandson of the Belzer Rebbe, Rav Yissochor Dov Rokeach, was held in Kiryas Belz, Yerushalayim.

The chosson, Avrohom Shmuel Tzvi (Hershele) Rokeach, is a son of the Rebbe’s only son, Rav Aharon Mordechai Rokeach.

Hershele is Rav Aharon Mordechai’s second son.

The chosson‘s mother is a daughter of the Makova Rebbe. The chosson is a great-grandson of the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, the Yeshuos Moshe zt”l, the Belzer Rebbe’s father-in-law.

The chosson is a talmid of the Belzer Yeshiva in Yerushalayim.

The kallah, Shifra Leah Rechnitzer, a student of the Seret-Vizhnitzer Seminary in Haifa and Bais Malka-Belz in Bnei Brak, is a daughter of Rav Meir Dov Rechnitzer, rov of Kehillas Belz in Chaifa and rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Belz in Chaifa.

See below for photos of the wedding:

{ Israel News Bureau/Photos: Bechadrei Chareidim}



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