PICTURES, VIDEO: PM Netanyahu Consoles The Salomons, Calls For Terrorist To Face Death Penalty


Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu went to the Salomon shiva house this week to be menachem avel the woman who lost her husband and two children in Friday night’s horrific attack.

During the visit, which had the Prime Minister comfort the rest of the family as well, Netanyahu called for the death penalty to be considered when the the terrorist, Omar al Abed goes to trial. al Abed was injured in the attack when a neighbor, who heard the terrified shouts of the Salomon family, shot the murderer through the kitchen window. al Abed is currently being treated for his injuries and will face trial in due time.

In Israel’s entire history of terrorist attacks, only once has a trial ended in a death sentence being carried out — the 61-62 trial for Nazi Adolf Eichmann.

{ Israel Bureau}



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