Police Question Possible Suspect in Murder of Yoseph Robinson z”l


yoseph-robinsonThe NY Daily News reports: Detectives are questioning a possible suspect in the murder of a brave Brooklyn liquor store clerk who was gunned down on Thursday, police sources said today. Yoseph Robinson – who left his hip-hop career behind to convert to Judaism – was shot in the chest during an armed robbery Thursday night.

The man police think is tied to the killing was picked up before dawn and is being held at the 70th Precinct in Brooklyn, the sources said.

Investigators received several tips that the man – whose name was not released – held up the MB Vineyards liquor store in Midwood and then shot Robinson.

Further investigative work yielded a license plate for the suspect’s car, the sources said. Detectives then tracked down that car and watched it until its owner arrived overnight. He was then taken into custody. The man has not confessed, the sources said.

Robinson’s kallah, Lahavah Wallace, told cops the man in custody “sounded like” the gunman – but investigators cautioned that link was not strong enough for an arrest.

Because the man who shot Robinson was wearing a mask investigators have not definitively identified him, the sources said.

The gunman pointed his revolver at Wallace’s head, which led to Robinson reaching desperately for the gun – only to be fatally shot.

The 34-year-old victim was honored at an emotional cerermony Monday night.

The NYPD has not officially identified the man at the precinct as the shooter. No one has been charged.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com}


  1. of course we should report it as kallah. it sickned me to see al the other jewish websites not use their brains and report it so prust straight from all the non jewish reports. i even heard yidden because of that talking about his “G” friend. a frum orthodox jew who dates we call it the “girl he was going out with” if he proposes we call it his “kallah” not a “G”friend – even if the ny daily news or ny post report it as such. do you expect them to wite kalah? they have no other word to use. we boruch hashem do!

  2. Mr. “Yeshiva Bochur”, and I use that term loosely.

    I am hoping you said your comment because you were possibly inebriated, because as you should know “Derech eretz kodma LaTorah”.

    How can YOU make this comment while posting under “Yeshiva Bochur”, without knowing her, anything about her.

    Look around you, just because someones name is not Stein, Goldberg, or Cohen doesn’t mean that they are not Jewish. And please don’t rebutt that you were only saying that “what type of name is wallace”, not is she Jewish or her level of observence.

    As his kallah, dont you think she is in enough anguish?

    I am appalled by it, and if you truly did not mean in it in any cynical way, I ask michila of you.

    Kul Tuv,

    Dovi Franklin


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