Poll: Worst Liar Ever


Poll conducted by the New York Post:



  1. I thought Matzav could do a little better then this. Even on a slow news day this is really poor journalism. Rather give us some more yahrzeit dates then this pathetic poll that makes no sense at all.

  2. Amazing how the President of the Sy Simms School of Business is the worst liar ever. What is it about this institution that produces such liars?

    That whole movement is one big lie.

  3. How can they say “ever” if they give the names? It is the worst ever, among these listed. It is also based upon what NY Post Page 6 readers think.

  4. People have a very short memory and are stuck in their own 4 Amos. Everyone here isfrom recent history. most readers of this site will believe that the biggest liar in history was a certain woman trying to cover up her infidelity. A close second would be someone claiming to be a prophet, although he may have been more delusional than a liar. There are many other worse liars than these. Almost any despotic regime has been guilty of worse lies. Just look at Soviet Russia or modern day Iran. Blood libels were certainly worse as well.

  5. exactly, I agree with #7, the first is no doubt a certain woman, and the second is her delusional son. Only behind them do we have Clinton, Obama, Richard Nixon and Pinocchio.


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