Prince Charles Cancels Trip To Israel


Prince Charles was set to travel to Israel to honour thousands of British war dead at the centenary of the WW1 Palestine Campaign and the historic Balfour Declaration.

The heir to the throne was set to become the first Royal to carry out an official state visit to Israel since it was created in 1948.

The decision may have been taken to avoid upsetting Arab nations in the region who regularly host UK Royals. A former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan branded the decision an “insult to British war dead” although there is no suggestion Charles was personally involved in any discussions leading to it.

Along with paying respects to 16,000 British and Commonwealth troops who died during the Palestine Campaign in 1917, Prince Charles was to commemorate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration – when Britain became the first nation to officially recognise the right of the Jewish people to a homeland – the first step in creating Israel.


In October last year the Prince attended the funeral of former Israeli president Shimon Peres and visited his grandmother’s grave.His paternal grandmother Princess Alice of Battenberg – who saved a Jewish family during the Holocaust – is buried at Mount of Olives’ Church of Mary Magdalene. Read more at The Sun.



  1. The British Government has been anti Semitic for many many years. This “sudden” change of plans doesn’t surprise me.

  2. I really don’t think the Israelis are going to lose any sleep at all because Prince Charles cancels his trip. just like no sleep will be lost due to Prince Philip deciding to cease his “Royal duties”. Both of these “princes” are no more than just that “princes”, who sponge off the UK taxpayer citizen. In our circles, we called that “shnorrers”.

    • Hey, they are “princes” of
      Canada ,Australia and more than a dozen other countries

      So there’s got to be something to it..


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