Putin Warns Israel Against Selling Arms To Ukraine



Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday warned Israel against supplying arms to the Ukrainian government as a possible response to the Russian sale of the S-300 air defense system to Iran. In an interview broadcast on Russian television, Putin said that such a measure by Jerusalem would be “destructive, and would only lead to another round of conflict.”

“The number of fatalities will only increase, but the result will not change,” Putin said in an interview on the “Russia Today” television network. “This is a choice that the Israeli leadership must make. They can do whatever seems necessary to them.”


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At the same time, Putin expressed a conciliatory attitude to the US, despite the crisis in relations between the two countries, saying that the two countries had important interests I common, and should work on these interests as part of a joint agenda.

“We disagree on several issues concerning the current international agenda, but at the same time, there is something that unites us that is forcing us to work together,” Putin said. He said these things were “the general efforts to make the global economy more democratic, moderate, and balanced, and to make the global order more democratic.”

Tension between the two sides rose this week after Putin signed an order removing the bank on the sale of the S-300 missile system to Iran. Putin defended his decision, saying that the measure was necessary, in view of the emerging nuclear agreement with Iran. “The US Security Council never forbade the sale of the system,” Putin stated in a Moscow press conference. He added that Tehran had demonstrated “flexibility” in the nuclear talks with the six major powers, and there was therefore no reason not to supply the system to it, since it was “defensive.”

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  1. Pardon me for stating the obvious, but Putin is a truly evil man. A grasping, greedy, narcissistic man who misses the empire the Soviet Union once controlled and will do anything – including starting wars – to regain that empire and squash his real and perceived enemies.
    He also managed to fool two very different U.S. administrations, with Bush saying he “Looked into his (Putin’s) soul and saw a good man” and Obama’s “reset button” initiative.

  2. So Putin and Obamba are on the same page: stick it to the world, I’ll do what I want, both are in bed with Iran, Cuba etc. So where’s the difference between them???

  3. soon EVERY country will be against ISRAEL. wait & see for this is what Hashem himself said to zecharya hanavi will happen before mashiach comes (open up a sefer zecharya & see a complete list of occasions that will occur before mashiach arrives)

    May it all happen very soon so mashiach can come


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