Rabbi Feierstein Asks Netanyahu: Should We Freeze Marriages Too?


netanyahuRabbi Shmuel Feierstein, rov of Shaarei Tikva and the Marriage Registrar for Samaria, wrote Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a pained and sarcastic letter this week, asking him whether he should freeze marriages in Samaria for the duration of the freeze on construction in Judea and Samaria.

“Since I am in charge of registering marriages throughout Samaria,” he began, “I request that you clarify, following the construction freeze, if I am also to stop opening marriage registration files for the next ten months. I ask this based on the understanding that not all of the couples who marry are veterans of elite IDF reconnaissance units and that most will have trouble living in military tents, but rather would require reasonable and normal living quarters like all people. Or perhaps the proper thing would be to exile the newlyweds to places outside Judea and Samaria, and distance them from their communities and families?”

“Should we rabbis turn to our flocks and immediately freeze all marriages for the next ten months, since after all, enlarging the families in Samaria will force them to enlarge their homes as well?”

“Honorable Prime Minister – life cannot be stopped,” he added later in the letter. “Fresh and flowing life is unstoppable throughout our sovereign land – the land of our forefathers. Please do not lend your hand to racist demands that have been blown over here from Europe and from the leaders of the US.”

Read the full report at Arutz Shevah.

{Arutz Shevah/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Look in b.m.g. theres a 6 month marriage freeze and thats for protecting the yeshiva structure and so why cant bibi do the same for 9 months in order to allow enough time for the americans to rally international support for strikes against iran which is an imperative considering the iranian threat and this is wat bibi told us back then. now does it seem to have worked internationally well no not really but look at the end of the day gulus is not over whether the religious zionists want to admit it or not and do I believe that when the 9 months are up the americans will not give up and push for another year this I heard from the asir tzion jonathan polard he said that we are slipping down a slippery slope with the americans ordering control is it something to fight against well no not really gulus is gulus get over it and stop imagining hischalth digulu and the rest its just been proven so many times to be an imagination

  2. Think sensible, the 6 month marriage freeze is optional.. You have the choice that many do and learn in another beis medresh, kollel, etc. while dating,,,or dating the ‘secret lady’ that you submit.
    BTW this freeze does not affect the RELIGIOUS ZIONISTS only rather all those living in Yehuda and Shomron. My extended family in Kiryat Sefer, Modiim and Betair are all under tremendous stress, frustration waiting for apartments to be finished. Stop throwing the towel at RZ…


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