Rabbi Wein Releases New Holocaust Work


berel-weinBy Boruch Young

Some people are blessed with a remarkable pen. Others are blessed with a remarkable ability to tell or retell a story. Rabbi Wein is blessed with both. In a new DVD entitled “Three among Six Million” Rabbi Wein relates three tales as no one else can. The three heroes are two young Rabbis and a Baal Teshuva in pre- WWII Germany.
Rabbi Alter Safrin Fox – An unsung hero of Jewish history, this young man was single-handedly responsible for saving the writings of the Rogatchover Gaon. The amazing tale of Divine Providence against the grim backdrop of Stalinist Russia only goes to prove that truth is stranger than fiction.

Hans Goslar – Hans Goslar became a baal teshuva decades before the kiruv movement in pre-war Germany! A government official in the Weimar Republic, his was a lone voice of warning. With a look at the events that transformed him and the hardships he faced, Rabbi Wein portrays one Jew whose life epitomized the fate of his people.

Rabbi Mordechai Lipa Teomin – Rabbi Mordecai Lipa Teomim was both typical and atypical of the Jews of Galicia. Atypical because he was a self-taught genius – a Torah scholar and Chasid who wrote and spoke a more literary Polish than the non-Jewish gentry. But the fate he suffered at the mere beginnings of his life in the rabbinate are so typical that his life story is a microcosm of history. A self-educated genius, Rabbi Mordecai Lipa Teomim flabbergasted everybody with his apparent contradictions. He was a Chasid who wrote and spoke a more literary Polish than the non-Jewish gentry. Like so many Holocaust victims, his life ended too prematurely for him to have left a lasting mark on Jewish history, but Rabbi Wein’s portrayal will leave no doubt that had he lived, he would certainly have made one.

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