Ralph Nader: ‘The Worst Anti-Semitism in the World Today Is Against Arabs’


ralph naderFormer Green Party and independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader told the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) to start using the word “anti-Semitism,” arguing that Jews “do not own” the phrase.

“You never avoid using the word anti-Semitism when Arabs and Arab-Americans are discriminated against, are arrested without charges, are exposed to all kinds of swears and bars against employment and all kinds of discrimination that goes on, and that is anti-Semitism. The Semitic race is Arabs and Jews and the Jews do not own the phrase anti-Semitism,” he said at a citizen empowerment session at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s national convention.

Nader, a consumer advocate, referred to a debate he was involved in that explored whether anti-Semitism is worse against Arabs or Jews in America.

“I gathered from the debate that the answer was that anti-Semitism against Arab-Americans is a serious problem, and of course it’s much more serious around the world,” said Nader, a Lebanese-American.

He encouraged ADC members to control the language they use and follow the actions of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to effectively promote the group’s message.

“It’s anti-Semitism against Arab-Americans. How many times does that have to be repeated? It’s accurate. Once you use that word, you have equivalence with the other use of that word. It’s anti-Semitism against Arabs, anti-Semitism against Jews – why ignore one to the other?” Nader said.

“As one young man in New York once told me, unprovoked; he was walking to a rally. He was an Irish American. He said, ‘look, I don’t think the Irish should monopolize the word famine and I don’t think African-Americans should have a monopoly over the word slavery and I don’t think Jews should have a monopoly over the word anti-Semitism, right out of the blue. You never know where it comes from,” he added.

Nader said AIPAC knows how to work the media and ADC should demand equal time.

“They know how to accuse people of anti-Semitism if any issue on Israel is criticized, even though the worst anti-Semitism in the world today is against Arabs and Arab-Americans and they know how to use the language — it’s ‘settlements,’ not colonies, it’s ‘incursions,’ not invasion,” Nader said.

“If Diane Rehm has AIPAC people on, you demand equal time. C-SPAN covers AIPAC every year wall-to-wall, doesn’t cover the Israel lobby full-day seminar at the National Press Club a few weeks ago, where’s the demand for equal time?” he added.

Nader argued that ADC has a lot of truth on its side.

“It’s [AIPAC] a lobby that’s using it’s constitutional right. Where’s the other side? The other side has a lot of truth on its side. It has a lot of human rights on its side. ADC, with its excessively modest budget because it’s not adequately supported by Arab Americans and non-Arab Americans who believe in justice and civil liberties regardless of ethnic background, look what they have done in terms of litigation and trying to educate the public,” he said.

“I suspect AIPAC spends more money on hotels for their national meeting in five hours than ADC’s entire budget, so it’s important to ask the question: ‘What does it take in terms of human hours and resources to get things turned around?’”



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  1. anti-semitism refers to being anti jewish
    the term was coined by the rabid anti-semites in germany in the 1800s
    it was not meant to refer to arabs
    go jump in a lake sir- along with bbc, mnsbc, cnn….

  2. Jews did not asked to be discriminated , thus, anti- Semite is not a Jewish invention , but unfortunately exits , unlike the Arab who are , anti decency , anti democracy, anti humanity. After these names you can label them suffering for anti Semitic , only because accidentally they have been labeled Semites .

  3. Antisemitism is defined as Anti-Jewish. Taking a known word and using it to review the cause of others who claim the fame is barking for the dust to settle faster on the moon.

    Scary, but the Torah is not a mountain of doom.

    Torah will continue to have these little challenges like Ralph Nader. It keeps us on our toes and it makes sure that Torah forces work harder to actually remove anti-semitic influences.

    G-d is True. We will see how this universe was designed.

  4. Mr. Ibn Nadar, the reason why Americans are more concerned about anti-Jewish attitudes than they are about anti-Arab sentiments is because Jews around the world don’t spew anti-American hatred. They don’t shout, “Death to America!”, and they don’t decapitate Americans in display before the entire world. Jews mourned when the Twin Towers fell while Arabs danced in the streets.

    Of course, you might claim that most Arabs don’t do these things, but if so where is Arab outcry against such atrocities committed by their brethren?

    Mr. Ibn Nadar, I hear you complaining now, but why didn’t we hear a peep out of you on 9/11. Where was your compassion then? I didn’t hear your voice call out in righteous indignation against those monsters who just happened to your blood relations. You were silent then, so Americans aren’t interested in what you have to say today.

  5. Actually we do own the phrase. the history that formed the phrase defined its meaning specifically to jews therefore it appies just to jews ONLY.. Man this guy needs a history lesson quick. Arabs seem to stop their history learning right when the golden age of islam stops. lol.

  6. “The Semitic race is Arabs and Jews” tell that to the arabs they didn’t get the memo they are apparently caught up on some khazer myth.


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