Rangel Again Calls For Military Draft To Be Reimplemented


rangel1In the nearly ten years since the war in Iraq began, one New York Congressman is still pushing for a more equitable way to staff the country’s military.

Rep. Charles Rangel has again called for the reinstatement of the military draft and make women eligible.

Rangel said the draft is about fairness.

“As long as our nation is going to go to war, then the members of Congress should be able to draft the people that are going to fight those wars,” Rangel told WCBS 880′s Peter Haskell.

The Harlem congressman added that he think many members of Congress don’t fully understand the consequences of war.

“And if they don’t think it’s that important that everybody has to make some sacrifice, then we ought to rethink our position about entering a war and putting our kids in harm’s way,” Rangel told WCBS 880′s Peter Haskell.

Rangel previously introduced a measure to re-implement the draft in 2011.

More than 6,500 members of the military have been killed over the past ten years, and Rangel said there are too few families who have sacrificed.


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  1. Rep. Rangel, may I remind you that even Soviet Union, whose “peace” rhetoric was legendary, let alone its rhetoric about “equitable”, did not force people to serve in a combatant role against their wishes, but rather sent them to engineering corps or to office duty. May I update you, Soviet Union crumbled and collapsed, along with its compulsory draft.

    PS Women! How many women do you know that can carry a howitzer? So, really, and as usual with draft supporters, it’s not about what works best for the armed forces, it’s about R”L “TOO FEW FAMILIES WHO HAVE SACRIFICED”.

    PS2 why does this debate remind me of another draft debate?

  2. What an idiot! He wants every family to have at least one member killed in battle to even it out?! The US Army is VOLUNTARY! Every member entering is well aware of the dangers involved! This corrupt bafoon ought to shut his mouth!

  3. #1, what planet are you on? The Soviet Union absolutely forced millions of Soviet citizens into combatant roles. That is how it defeated the Nazis!

  4. #3 this is untrue. Soviet Union was among the first countries allowing conscience objection in 1917, I think it was written by Trotsky. It is true that under Stalin, especially after the 1936 soviet constitution and until end of WW2, the “alternative service” was under very harsh conditions, but I do not think the law was ever suspended. However outside of this period, conscience objectors were generally sent to engineering corps. Many western european countries which had compulsory draft but in the 70s approved laws allowing OC, basically copied the soviet one, with the draftee having to appear in front of a military commission, explain his beliefs, sign a conscience objection form, which would preclude for life the access to armed jobs (police, bodyguards) and to weapon carry permit. Then one was assigned to nonmilitary service.


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