Rav Elya Brudny’s monthly Vaad


Approximately 14 months ago, in response to the request of several Flatbush Bnei Torah, Harav Elya Brudny Shlita began delivering a monthly Vaad. This Vaad takes place during the week prior to Rosh Chodesh and addresses Inyonei hashkofa, chizuk, and mussar.

This Vaad is said live to scores of attendees and the recording as well as notes are shared with hundreds of others.¬† Each month features a different topic where Rav Brudny will weave together deep thoughts based on the words of Chazal and will then apply them to issues of the day. Recent messages have touched on topics as diverse as sources for a “Gadol Hador” concept, effective Chinuch, and the true meaning of Yomim Tovim.

For more information regarding this Vaad as well as to join the list for notes/recordings, please email RavBrudnyChabura@gmail.com.


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