Rav Karelitz: Mitzvah to Buy from Shomrei Shabbos


rav-nissim-karelitzFollowing reports last week that Rav Nissim Karelitz gave his blessings to the managers of Shefa Shuk, today, a notice was published in chareidi newspapers in Eretz Yisroel with a clarification from Rav Karelitz.

The clarification states: “We were asked by the Gaavad of Ramat Aharon and Rosh Kollel Chazon Ish to publicize:

Clarification: “Behold, I wish to state that, chalilah, one should not support companies that are mechalel Shabbos befarhesiah, rav-karelitz1and even though min hadin it is difficult to issue a complete issur…nevertheless, it is surely a mitzvah to buy only from those who are shomrei Shabbos (free translation).”

The latest clarification comes two weeks after the store managers claimed to have receive the blessing of Rav Chaim kanievsky, a claim that was later refuted.

 {Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. I like the idea of gedolim telling the yeshiva velt where to buy everything. It alleviates from them the heavy burden of thinking for themselves.

  2. I think this psak shows the gadlus of a gudol hador who only speaks emes its just so beautifull how he made it clear that theres no halachic ban in place just a mitzvah to buy by shomer Shabis so much unlike the meah shearim bandits that attack police with dirty diapers and stones and as a result of their demonstrations for the sanctity of the Shabis they actually increase chilul Shabis and chilul Hashem of course with increased police presence and media coverage. Now such a great imperative by a poisik like harav nisim karelitz shlita would work wonders regarding the increase in kosher lipesach food and general kosher food which unlike non kosher food that actually went down in the recession the kp and general kosher has only gone up and so if rabunim actually got together like that did in europe many years ago and told everyone not to buy fish which caused the consumers to lower the prices well then lets try it again and if we manage well then maybe pesach wont be so expensive

  3. Zalman, the Rav says it is difficult to issue an issur. Until then I understand this to mean that this is reshus, not chov, and maybe people need reminding to go the extra mile when economically feasible.


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