Chayale is getting married tonight. rav Zundel Kroizer’s Bracha Can be yours now!


By: L. Halevi

Rav Zundel Kroizer Zatzal, the famed Tzadik from Yerushalayim is a name that is well known to Jews around the world.

The name Chayale Kroizer, however, is not so well known. The connection between the two is powerful and worth knowing. Read on….

Chayale’s father passed away when she was a young 7 year old child. Her mother, was not able to cope with the pressures of raising a  young family on her own, and before long Chayale and her siblings found themselves bouncing from one foster home to the next leading to a very tumultuous childhood.

After being in 10 foster homes, each with its own troubles, Chayale literally found herself on the street, alone and uncared for in a way that no Jewish child ever deserves to be.

Two years ago, a wonderful individual, R’ Moshe Mukspan and his family found Chayale and took her in as their own child, and  showered her with care and compassion to the point that she underwent a miraculous transformation and grew up to be a wonderful, well-balanced young lady. She met a wonderful young man and they are now engaged to be married in less than a week.

Chayale has no family support.

Listen to her message:

Chayale has nobody to rely on to pay for her wedding and her new life.

The family that took her in supports her to the best of their ability, but is unable to provide for a wedding and a home with its basic necessities.

Chayale is relying on the graciousness and kindness of Klal Yisroel to help her happy day be truly joyous and to make her new home truly harmonious.

Two weeks before his passing, Rav Zundel Kroizer, Chayale’s grandfather, fell into a coma, from which he ultimately did not recover….besides for 1 moment.

Yes, about an hour before his passing from this world, Rav Zundel opened his eyes from his coma and to the astonishment of those in the room spoke a few words. He said “Whoever takes care of my orphaned grandchildren, will merit me taking care of them from the next world”. With those words he fell back into a coma and a short while later returned his pure soul to his Maker.

Who would not want the holy Tzadik to advocate on their behalf in Shomayim?

Who would pass over such a powerful opportunity to help this Tzadik’s granddaughter walk down the chupah with a calm heart?

The chance to tap into the unique and potent Zechus is now! Help Rav Zundel’s granddaughter Chayale and Rav Zundel will help you and your children with your needs as well!

Don’t delay, help Chayale now by clicking here:


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