Rep. Michael Grimm Will Resign


grimmRep. Michael Grimm will resign on Tuesday after he pled guilty last week to a felony tax evasion charge. The Staten Island representative said he wouldn’t step down from his post, but apparently has changed his mind after talking to House Speaker John Boehner, according to sources.

He plans to announce the resignation on Tuesday or Wednesday and then there will be a special election held to fill his seat. Read more at New York Daily News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. It’s a shame!
    He’s a really good guy!
    Sharpton owes in excess of 4 million and not a word. In fact he’s been guest at the White House 23 times.
    Rangel got away with a virtual potch and these guys have accomplished next to nothing positive yet this guy has to resign. NuNu

  2. The Republicans never learn their lesson. When crimes are committed by Democrats ie. Charles Rangel, they NEVER step down. They NEVER feel the need to be a loser. The Republicans ARE losers and will lose their majority in 2016. They always feel the need to placate the NYTimes & CNN. Idiots!


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