Report: Deri to Return to Shas Next Week


aryeh-deriAri Yashar of Arutz Sheva reports that while Shas chairman  Aryeh Deri handed in his resignation to the Knesset on Tuesday, it now appears he will return to Shas as early as next week.

Channel 10 reports that it has received information that Deri plans next week to announce his return as chairperson, after having gained strong words of backing from a large number of Shas rabbonim and MKs who threatened to quit with him.

Many political experts had already reasoned that his resignation was a ploy to gain backing and be reinstated by the Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah.

Since Deri stepped down this week, there has been a protest tent established in front of his home in the Har Nof neighborhood of Yerushalayim, with hundreds calling on Deri to return.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Thank you for the wonderful news
    Rav Shach said abt aryeh that he accomplished in a short time
    What others did in a very long time


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