Report: First Indictment in Mueller’s Investigation to Be Served Monday


The first indictment in the Russia probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller will be served on Monday, NBC News reports, citing an official. CNN reported late Friday that a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., approved the first charges in the investigation into Russian election interference.

The charges are still reportedly sealed under orders from the federal judge and it is currently unclear what the charges are. Read more at CNN.



  1. Oh wow. I am so excited. I won’t be able to fall asleep for the next few nights. I just can’t wait for the BOMBSHELL revelations that will rock this Nation. I’ve already prepared myself in case this leads to total anarchy or Martial law. My car is full to the top and I have a lot of cash on hand in case the gas stations and banks all close down.

  2. As a distraction from Hillary’s Russian crimes, Mueller has decided to give his first indictment now. The scapegoat will most likely be Trump’s ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, an associate with the Podestas, a DNC plant in Trump’s campaign who was involved with Russian money in the Clinton’s Foundation. – There you got it, clear proof that Trump colluded with the Russians!, Mueller will say.

    If Mueller will not indict Podesta, Eric Holder, Comey, Lynch, Hillary or Obama who have major felonies over their heads, he should be fired.


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