Report: Mayor Barkat Receives Death Threats Over Shabbos Parking Lot


nir-barkatAccording to a report by Haaretz, two e-mail death threats were sent to Yerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat today, a day after a protest against opening of a parking lot in Yerushalayim on Shabbos. Security at Barkat’s office has been increased following the threats, and police have opened an investigation, reports Haaretz. Barkat’s bureau issued a statement today vowing that Barkat will not change his decision to open the parking lot.

Yesterday, twenty eight frum demonstrators were arrested and six people were wounded during a protest.

A 20-year-old bochur sustained serious head wounds during the turmoil; Magen David Adom emergency services said the man, suffering from convulsions, was taken to Hadassah Ein Karem for medical treatment.

Police said they had no further details about the circumstances in which the man was wounded.

Four police officers were also lightly hurt during the protests, as was a six-year-old boy, according to the Associated Press.

Near the site of the demonstration, thousands of secular Israelis held a counter-protest in support of Barkat’s decision to open the Carta parking lot.

“The mayor is obligated to maintain the public’s safety and this concern is what guides him,” said a Barkat spokesperson. “The police must now be concerned with public order.”

{Yair Israel}


  1. Before people start screaming “what a chillul Hashem to send death threats”, remember that it’s probably not true and being reported by a newspaper not known for its love of frummer yiden, so take it with a pinch of salt

  2. I would like to know what amount of threats the average politician gets for any controversial decision he makes! I bet 2 is a record minimum!!


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