Research Shows ‘Super Bubbies’ Might Hold Secret to Immortality



Aging Ashkenazi Jewish women who live long, healthy lives could hold the key to immortality, according to research highlighted by the New York Post this week.

Albert Einstein College endocrinologist Dr. Nir Barzilai made the discovery while researching longevity. He is studying what he calls “Super Bubbies,” a group of women who generally live into their 90s without exhibiting aging symptoms such as heart disease and diabetes.

American Ashkenazi Jews are of interest to Barzilai as they tend to marry within their own communities, maintain lifestyles similar to their ancestors, and share large amounts of genetic information.

Barzilai believes that “Super Bubbies” age slower because of a unique genetic variation. As reported in the Post, these women seem to have all the genetic markers for diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer, but continue to maintain healthy blood.

What every single Super Bubbie does possess is a gene called the CETP-inhibiting mutation. Barzilai’s hope is that this Super Bubbie gene could some day protect humans from the undesirable effects of aging.

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