Roundup Of The Day’s Events


bustThe following links are roundups of today’s very disturbing events:

Click here for the full audio of the news conference announcing today’s arrests and the nature of the FBI investigation.

Click here to¬†view video clips of today’s news conference.

Click here for the FBI press release.

Click here for an article in the Star Ledger on how the Deal community is dealing with the FBI investigation.

Click here for a video of the FBI bust.

Click here for the Asbury Park Press report on today’s events.

Click here for a report quoting lawyer Robert G. Stahl.

Click here for an FBI list.

Click here for PDFs of the criminal complaints.

Please note that these links will take you to various websites whose content we cannot vouch for.

{ Newscenter}


  1. I must laud Matzav for their coverage of todays painful events. Precariously balancing the duties and the rights. However many of these links, especially the PDFs are in public domain and should have been uploaded to
    thanx again!

  2. The saddest part of this tragic episode is how one person seeking to save his own skin ensnared his own friends.

  3. the only thing we can do today is make more efforts to make a kidush hashem to fill the void of this terrible chillul hashem.
    talking about it or who is right or wrong, will not bring moshaich. lets rise to the challenge & be above it & make an extra effort to be mekadesh shem shamaim

  4. With the terrible Chillul Hashem and bizayon to Hashem and His Torah, there is nothing else that should be reporting except the damage done to the Jewish people . 5-legged calfs and your other insular minutia carry no weight during these troublesome times.


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