Rumsfeld Pens Nastygram To IRS, Says He Has ‘No Idea’ If Tax Return Correct


rumsfeldDonald Rumsfeld may be retired from his position as secretary of Defense, but he is waging a war of words against the IRS, reports Fox.

Rumsfeld unleashed his frustration with the agency Tuesday in a letter posted to his official Twitter account. In it, Rumsfeld blasts the country’s complicated tax code, and says despite spending money on accountants he has “absolutely no idea” whether the tax return he filed is correct.

“This note is to alert you folks that I know I do not know whether or not my tax returns are accurate, which is a sad commentary on governance in our nation’s capital,” he said.

Rumsfeld said he is hopeful that one day the tax code will be simple enough that Americans can file their returns confident they did them right, but since he is in his 80s there are “not many years left” to see that come to pass.

Read Rumsfeld’s full letter here at Fox.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Charlie, Mr. Rumsfeld is referring the “regulations” which are dozens of times longer and more complicated than the US Code.


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