Rush: Media in ‘Panic’ Over GOP Lead


limbaugh-rushThe “drive-by media” and Democrats are in a panic over a new Associated Press election research team report that says Republicans have a 10 point lead in early ballots cast so far for Tuesday’s election, talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Friday.

“The Democrats are making absolute fools of themselves,” Limbaugh said on his radio show.

“The Democrat Party with Charlie Rangel, Mary Landrieu, Paul Begala, The Forehead, they are all telling us so much about where their heads are, where their minds are. They are stuck in an America 50 years ago in an attempt to avoid an election disaster.”

But the data from the research team shows the double-digit lead, said Limbaugh, nothing that polls coming out so close to Election Day show “what they think is actually going to happen,” unlike earlier polls, which he says aim “to make public opinion, to shape it.”

Already, he pointed out, independents have cast about a quarter of the early vote total, and in Florida, the early votes already cast exceed the total votes cast early in 2010, the last midterm election.

And as a result, Limbaugh said, “everywhere you look in the ‘drive-by media’ today you just see the word ‘panic.'”

The exact word may not be used, but “panic is all over the headline, it’s all over the story,” he commented.

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  1. Rush Limbaugh. More steel for his guns. Less brains for his sun. A bad mood for the world. I wonder how much longer he will be in our daily news on Matzav.

  2. We actually owe Rush and Sean a thank-you. They have been “ONE” voice, who have stood by us yidden over the past 2 generations! I am shocked to see a stupid comment like the previous one posted. It is them that stood up for family values which the world now tramples all over. It is them that sides with our brothers in Eretz Yisroel, although it is not cool or popular. Mr. Anonymous needs a dose of mussar, to wake him up from his “kufli Tov” attitude. Shame on him!

  3. We will see Wednesday if he is right. I don’t understand why a Yid should not agree with most of his opinions, since he always takes a more moralistic view, unlike the Democrats who are in favor of Toeiva, abortion, living with whomever and whenever etc…


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