Saudi FM: Israel Is Acting Like A Spoiled Child


saudi-foreign-ministerThe Saudi foreign minister today criticized Israel’s settlement construction and said the country acts like a spoiled child because the international community is not tough enough in pressuring it to make concessions.┬áPrince Saud al-Faisal told a press conference in Riyadh that Washington and other players in Mideast peace efforts should take a firm and serious stand to put an end to Israeli construction on land Palestinians want for a future state.

“Israel’s announcement Monday that it plans to build building nearly 700 new apartments for Jews in East Jerusalem is a source of worry, which we strongly condemn,” he said.

The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as their capital and say each expansion of Jewish housing there is making partition as part of a future peace deal more difficult. The U.S., the Palestinians and the European Union condemned the new Israeli building plan.

Israeli-Palestinian talks broke off a year ago, and the Palestinians refuse to restart talks until all Israeli construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem is halted. The Palestinians rejected a partial 10-month Israeli settlement freeze as not enough.

The Saudi foreign minister said the international community needed to get tougher with Israel.

“The reason why a solution cannot be reached is the preferential treatment that Israel gets,” he said. “When other countries violate international law, they get punished, except for Israel. If war crimes are committed, other countries get punished, except Israel.”

“Israel has become in the international community like a spoiled child,” he said. “It does what it wants without being questioned or punished.”

Saud spoke after a meeting with his Turkish counterpart, Ahmet Davutoglu, whose country has long been Israel’s closest ally in the Muslim world, though relations were strained over last winter’s war in Gaza.

Davutoglu said Israel should “end the catastrophe and calamity in the Gaza Strip” and should freeze settlement building.

{Yair Israel/Haaretz Service}


  1. Dear Prime Minister can you first please explain
    1. Why you gave $25 million to the Clinton Library? What did you expect in return?
    2. When are you going to stop treating women as slaves and pigs in your country?
    3. When will you stop funding terrorism around the world.
    4. When will you stop cutting peoples hands off when they are caught stealing?
    5. Are you comfortable being married to 25 women?
    6. When will you become a civilized country?

    Who are you to tell Israel or America how they should behave? How Israel should run their country? You are one of the richest spoiled children around. Keeping all the oil subsidies for the few elite while allowing such great poverty for the masses. By the way I haven’t seen one shiek that wasn’t 75 pounds overweight including yourself. A little self control could do you good.

  2. Actually, it is the Arab Muslims who are acting like the spoiled children. They want it all and Israel dares to say “No.” These Arabs need to hear no much more often.

  3. There’s no way such an arrogant statement like that can go without being taken to pieces. He needs to have his teeth broken FAST !

  4. The SAUDIS are definetely the pinnacle of spoilness, with their 200 acres of palace grounds, pools, waterfalls, gold plated limos, private jets, servants, butlers,,,,etc. while chaining the people of their Empire to rules & regulations of wannbi fundamentalists.
    Women are treated like garbage, and when allowed to walk the street are covered with a black full length black garbage bag. No driving cars, no higher education, no freedom of speech, etc. SPOILEDNESS – takes one to know it.


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