Schools Around U.S. Increase Security After Massacre


school-bus Jessica Kornfeld sat down with her son and daughter after school on Friday and shared with them the unthinkable, horrific news out of Connecticut: Someone had stormed into an elementary school and killed children nearly their same age.

“They’re just babies,” her 10-year-old son said. “What could they have done?”

Kornfeld assured him the victims had done nothing wrong, and that the shootings didn’t make sense to anybody. She reminded her children that they were with her, and safe.

“But it could have been us,” her son replied.

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{ Newscenter}


  1. Here’s what I did last night. I sat my 7-year old daughter down…and had dinner. I didn’t say a word about the shootings. Sure, my 14-year old son found out because he reads the newspaper.

    Why on earth would a woman feel the need to tell her children about this? Why do we feel that everything that happens requires a discussion?


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