Schumer Doesn’t Say Which Way He’ll Vote On Iran Deal


schumerSenator Charles Schumer on Sunday refused to disclose which way he’ll vote on the nuclear deal with Iran when it is brought for a vote on the Senate floor in September, saying it’s a tough decision.

“This is one of the most serious decisions any member of the House or Senate is going to have to make,” Schumer told reporters at his weekly press conference in New York, Haaretz reported. “I’m going to go over this agreement with a fine-toothed comb, looking at it extremely carefully.”

Schumer said he was “one of the people who led the charge to say Congress should get the right to examine this agreement before it goes into effect” and that he’ll consult with many experts before deciding. “To not do that now wouldn’t make much sense,” he said.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. It’s tough only because schumer would never betray obama unless schumers base gets angry and voices its opinion first. Then he will act once he has no real choice in the matter!

  2. Dear Senator Schumer,
    We all know that you are in a precarious position. If you want to be the next leader of the Democratic party, you must vote with Pres. Obama. If you are truly a friend of Israel and all Jews you will vote it down. Your decision will clearly tells us where you stand!!!!!!!
    Please don’t vote political expediency! We will all pay the price years from now.

  3. Aside from wanting the UN to become a world government (and himself its leader), Obama took this sorry deal to the UN Security Council hoping to spare the Democrats in Congress the terrible ordeal of choosing between truth and lies.


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