Scott Walker Gets Standing O in New Hampshire


scott-walker2Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) got a lot of applause and ultimately a standing ovation at a New Hampshire Republican Party training event this morning, but most in attendance said they wouldn’t make up their mind on who to vote for in the 2016 GOP primary for a long time.

Gov. Walker also indicated this will be the first of many visits to the Granite State this year, both by him and apparently his sons Matt and Alex. The two are college students at UW-Madison and Marquette University respectively.

“They’ve twisted our arms to maybe take part of a semester off next year, next fall and come to New Hampshire and come around the country and talk to young people themselves,” said Gov. Walker.

Much of the message the Governor delivered Saturday is very familiar to people in Wisconsin, but it was new to likely voters here.

“In fact, I’m proud to say today – in my state – property taxes are lower today than they were four years ago when I started – how bout that for a turn around, huh?,” said Gov. Walker to a round of applause.

But the Governor also spoke more than ever before about foreign policy, particularly ISIS.

“Radical Islamic terrorism is like a virus and if you don’t take it out entirely, it’s like a virus in your computer, it will keep coming back,” said Gov. Walker.

In what is becoming a very familiar theme, Governor Walker did not take questions from the media, but audience members were allowed to ask questions. A man proclaiming to be a Vietnam veteran specifically asked the Governor to define his strategy for defeating ISIS.

“I believe increasingly, in light of what’s happened in the last six or seven months, I believe there are partners in the coalition we can draw on from the Arab world, like Jordan, like Egypt, because of what’s happened to their citizens and have a true coalition force,” said Gov. Walker.

Most in the room say they were impressed.

“He’s on his way and it’s because of what he’s done and what he says he’s gonna do,” said Jim Mendola, a volunteer for the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“He just comes across as a very straightforward guy and I think he has a very unique voice to speak to the center,” said Jim Luther, a former New Hampshire state senator who has been promoting Walker’s eventual candidacy for months.

When he wasn’t talking policy, the Governor focused on his humble beginnings and financial thriftiness in an attempt to relate to the average voter.


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