Senator Crapo Sentenced for DWI


senator-crapoHe can flush that driver’s license down the toilet.

Idaho Sen. Michael Crapo-a practicing Mormon-pleaded guilty Friday to drunken driving following his arrest Dec. 23 in Alexandria, Va. Crapo received a 180-day jail sentence, which was quickly suspended. His license was also suspended for a year, though he’s eligible for a restricted license, and he must pay a $250 fine and complete an alcohol program. When he was pulled over for running a red light, Crapo said he had taken “several shots of vodka” before failing a sobriety test.

Since his election to the Senate in 1998, Crapo has built a reputation as values champion and social conservative. Read more at The Washington Post.

{ Newscenter}


  1. He’s s conservative leader? Maybe he should lead himself first. I never heard any definition of “conservative” that included driving drunk.

  2. OK I understand someone likes to drink – enjoy (a mormon, however, should do that in the privacy of his home), I can even understand someone gets drunk (but a senator should know better), I absolutely don’t think a drunk man should drive (especially a well-off person, couldn’t he afford a taxi?), but running a red light is not the alcohol, it is the arrogance. He even forgot having had a drink or two too many. “I am a senator and if police pull me over, I’ll tell them I did not notice the light, that there was no other incoming car, that I am in a big hurry – I’m a senator and I’ll get away with it.” OOPS. NOT.

  3. He is not “our” leader.

    But how does America merit such leaders?

    “Crapo received a 180-day jail sentence, which was quickly suspended.”

    They don’t take themselves seriously. So we don’t take them seriously either.


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