Senator Menendez: Trump Wouldn’t Have Criticized LeBron If He Were White


New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez on Monday argued that President Trump’s criticism of LeBron James and CNN’s Don Lemon was racially motivated.

His commentary follows Trump’s weekend tweet referring to CNN’s Don Lemon as “the dumbest man on television” and saying he had made LeBron James look smart during an interview, which according to Trump “isn’t easy to do.”

“Let’s just say it – if LeBron James was white, President Trump never would have questioned his intelligence or his charity work. How do I know? Let’s check the history…” Menendez tweeted.

“Trump’s attacks on [Rep.] @MaxineWaters (D-Calif.) follow a troubling pattern of white supremacists suggesting people of color have lower IQs than whites,” the senator continued. Trump often refers to Waters as a “low IQ person” at his rallies.

“He couldn’t believe President Barack Obama could have possibly been accepted at Harvard and Columbia,” Menendez continued. “He even suggested Obama release records to prove he was smart enough.”

“And of course, he refused to condemn the KKK or disavow the endorsement of David Duke during the 2016 campaign,” Menendez added in another tweet. Trump disavowed the former Ku Klux Klan leader’s endorsement in February 2016 after initially appearing to avoid discussing it.

“Our President’s history on this issue is heartbreaking, maddening, and disgusting. But my commitment to racial justice will never waiver, and I urge my colleagues to stand strong as well,” the senator concluded.


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  1. Gee he ought to be ashamed of showing his face. He should be in jail and is lucky to have gotten out of that situation even though we all know he is rotten

  2. I see the Senator is a talmid muvhak of Eric Holder. Everything is always about race. Try to fan the flames of racial tension whenever possible. Create racial division at every turn.
    The Senator is currently under FEDERAL investigation for illegaleties that are not pretty. What an idiot for drawing attention to himself.

  3. Why does everyone forget who started this? If Trump were a violent racist bigot, but he were black, would lebron james or don lemon or cnn or msnbc or the nyt, etc. attack him day in day out for anything and everything he does? Lebron James is not famous for his wit and wisdom or his political understanding and mental prowess. He’s well known for his monkey like ability of jumping and running. That has nothing to do with understanding the happenings of this country. Anyone with superior intelligence would never ask lebron a question about politics just as they wouldn’t ask him about about aerodynamics or nanotechnology. The only science they would ask lebron about is climate change which is a religious like idea nothing to do with fact. Hence Trump’s assertion of don lemon being low iq is actually right on mark.

  4. Lebron is my man. We talk about him all over the state of Ohio.

    He really put Akron, OH on the map. Funny thought, I can swear it was really Goodyear Tire and Rubber that got people to move here.

    Trump is a bone tested industrial warrior. Do you know he hates tattoos? Absurd. People tell me now that they fantasize sometimes about tattoos. Some often have them. I hate tattoos. I remember both the holocaust and Leviticus 19. Hashem HATES tattoos it might seem. I think that is the feeling.

    However, we still have tattoos in every studied city and more. Obama administration noted a rise from 19% to 24% among tattoo rates in people ages 18 to 24 in USA. What a scum time. 8 years of a president with the lawyer wife who puts goals above sanctity. Dud she ever worry the impact of immodest dress on a civilization? Hope we do not just blame one source but NBA is occult. They had no tattoo fairies when I was a secular youth to see a few games. No feeling of anything but the game.

    So now we had more dismal democrat rule. One president with some sense his rich gain made some comment I picked up on the internet that any body desicration is wrong. I think we do know Mr. Trump. Give this value, he has a known hate. Its not grabbing me that its black America.

    I feel no reason to ask brick tight war here. Lebron wants his goals. Sympathy, war and indiscrete money. He gets it. Adulation far and wide. Go to a game. Feel “American”, see the gladiator riots and guzzle alcohol. How can a man like Trump want more? Has he even been into sports.

    Forever I think the holocaust is bad. We know high school students have seen photos. What is the test? Hashem still has tattoo parlors. Instant scum bag.

    Its a tough world. Fail once and you are out. Got skin? Keep it. Do not even question if Hashem real. Battles everyday. Hashem.

    So no to Lebron. Yes to good radials and if the Kanfer dynasty is great (orthodox daughter Ketti), then even Akron Gojo products are good. Handsanitizers make it.

    Kosher only. Thats the rule.

    And yes I support Trump. Has he alienated the kosher? No.

    Smart money. Eat.

  5. WRONG! You can’t even count how many white people Trump called stupid.
    That being said.. just stop with the tweeting!


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