Shimon Peres Endorses Herzog, Now 5 To 7 Seats Ahead Of Netanyahu


herzog-peresFormer president Shimon Peres today announced his endorsement of Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog to be the next prime minister of Israel.

“The Israeli democracy is approaching the day of choice. It is natural that people will have differing opinions and that they will vote according to their conscience. As for me, I support Isaac Herzog to be prime minister,” Peres stated.

A series of internal polls taken this week by the Zionist Union by former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s pollster, Kalman Geyer, found the Zionist Union leading the Likud by five to seven Knesset seats – the Zionist Union with as many as 28 and as few as 24 seats, and the Likud with as many as 21 and as few as 18.


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  1. Herzog is NOT ahead by 5 seats.
    At most its 1 or 2.
    Bibi still can form a ruling coalition since there are Boruch Hashem more right wing seats than leftist.

  2. What a misleading headline! The polls commissioned by Herzog / Livni are obviously skewed. It is laughable to read these “surveys” and see UTJ and Shas down to 5 or 6 votes apiece and Likud under 20.

    All the independent pollsters have Likud equal or one or two votes behind Labor and it makes not one bit of difference. Only Netanyahu can piece together a coalition and with Yachad, Shas, UTJ, Kachlon and Bayit Yehudi giving him enough votes, he can say goodbye to Lapid and Lieberman too!

  3. They lead the the parties of Suicidal Bumblers.What they seek to accomplish can lead to the Mass Suicde of the Jewish people


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