Shuvu Student Wounded In War Makes Miraculous Recovery


orel-smallFour months ago, when 7 year old Shuvu Be’er Sheva student Or’el Iliezrov was hit by shrapnel of a missile that landed on the family car, no one could’ve possibly imagined that he’d be back visiting his school so quickly. With the shrapnel penetrating his skull, the doctors at Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva were most pessimistic about Or’el’s prognosis. His chances were slim at best.

But “Chassdei Hashem Ki Lo Tamnu”. Hashem’s Chassadim do not cease, and continue to be evident in Or’el miraculous road to recovery. And when Or’el showed up at his Shuvu school this past week for a visit, no one was able to hold back their tears, witnessing Niflaos Hashem.

From the day that Or’el was injured Am Yisroel pulled through with what they do best. As he lay in the hospital fighting for his life, Am Yisroel across the globe Davened fervently to the Ribbono Shel Olam. They opened their hearts and cried out for a Refuah Shleima for Or’el Ben Angela!

orel1And indeed, it didn’t take long to realize that Hashem was answering the Tefillos. Miraculously and against all odds, Or’el’s condition took a major turn for the better. Only one month later he was transferred to the Alyn Childrens’ Hospital in Jerusalem for rehabilitation. It was at this hospital that the miracles continued as Or’el defied doctors’ fears that he would never speak again.

During one of Shuvu Supervisor Mrs. Brocha Weinberger’s visits with the family, Or’el’s mother Angela commented on her son’s still not being able to formulate words in order to speak. However, she added, he might be able to sing along should he hear others singing, being that other brain functions are then in use.

Mrs. Weinberger responded, “If so, let’s sing! Let’s Daven together!” She promptly proceeded to sing “Shema Yisroel” to him. Miraculously, Or’el joined in! Stunned and shocked, she then sang “Modeh Ani” and “Birchos Hashachar” – and again Or’el sang along! His parents and Mrs. Weinberger were stunned and shocked. Nurses came running into the room to hear for themselves as Or’el’s voice permeated the air. His father Avi ran for his video camera to be able to document the miraculous moment!

orel-2This is a Shuvu student. He had been in a coma for 4 weeks and had not spoken for 5 weeks. But when he was finally able to open his mouth his first words were “Shema Yisroel!”

Or’el’s family views their tragedy in a most spiritual way. Or’els father, Avi has begun to put on Tefillin every day and now wears a Yarmulke as well. Angela has taken upon herself to be observe Shabbos. They both revealed that their original decision to send Or’el to Shuvu was in order to have him teach them Yiddishkeit. “Whatever we know today is from Or’el.”

And thus, seeing his rapid and continuous improvement, Ore’l’s doctors allowed the family to return home to Be’er Sheva for this past Shabbos. What more natural way to begin the weekend than with his friends, at his Shuvu school?

Or’el entered the school gates during recess and immediately found himself surrounded by loving classmates and staff members. As the recess ended, he joined his friends in his classroom. Or’el was successful in reciting the names of each of his classmates and teachers and was clearly delighted to be back in his natural setting. He himself was moved to tears by the outpour of love.

The most moving moment though was when Or’el noticed the huge sign in the school lobby marking the efforts of the children to increase their Tefillos and Mitzvos for his Refuah Shleima. Every child in the school had taken upon himself to be Mischazek in a particular Mitzva for this cause, which was then listed on the sign. Some chose to better themselves regarding Loshon Harah. Some committed to have more Kavanah in their Davening and Brachos. Some wrote down that they would be kinder to one another and have more Derech Eretz to parents and teachers. All were extremely dedicated to the cause.

The many Tefillos of Am Yisroel, and of the Shuvu family in particular, continue to do the job as Or’el’s doctors still marvel with amazement at his extraordinary improvement. Though Or’el still has a long way ahead of him in his recovery, even his secular doctors acknowledge that there is no medical explanation for the great strides Or’el has made, and all admit that it is Yad Hashem. It is the Tehillim and Davening which have brought about this tremendous and miraculous Kiddush Hashem. It is our duty to continue this miracle with our Tefillos for the Refuah of Or’el Ben Angela.

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