Snowden Wants University Honor


edward-snowden1Edward Snowden can’t get enough of himself. The leaker arranged through his lawyer for a group of students at Glasgow University to nominate him for student rector position. It’s a post that lasts three years and includes previous honorees like Winnie Mandela.

“Edward Snowden’s candidacy is a unique opportunity to show our gratitude to a brave whistleblower,” a spokesman for the group of students who nominated him said. “He has shown a spirit of daring and self-sacrifice that is virtually absent in our public life.” Read more at BBC.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. More over, maybe Mr. Snowden is ready to play the Russian Roulette he has started in the forum of human safety. I wonder if they can just give Mr. Snowden an appropriate university honor and make a drinking game in his “honor”. Call it Snowden Downing. You drink a shot of alcohol for every drip of hate you see in the face of the eye of Time. And then you leave your head on the table in the end, dumber and stupid and lost to the own revision of your own foolish intrigue. That way, you get to be Mr. Snowden! An honor!


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