Soldier Detained on Har Habayis on Suspicion of Bowing


idf-har-habayisAn IDF soldier was detained this afternoon on the Har Habayis for allegedly bowing a slight bow. According to the police, at the exit from the Har Habayis, the soldier walked backwards, facing the site of the Bais Hamikdosh and bowed a slight bow, in the manner in which Jews are accustomed to leave a shul and other holy places.

The soldier was taken to a police station adjacent to the Har Habayis. Attorney Rechavia Piltz hurried to the station in order to work towards the release of the soldier.

The Honenu organization in a statement said: “The detention of an IDF soldier because he dared to honor the site of the Holy Temple is a disgrace. The fact that a detention such as this was carried out on the eve of Israeli Independence Day is a badge of shame for the State of Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem, the capital city.”

{ Israel}


  1. So what else is new? As much as O’Bumma hates the Jews, the chilonim are even worse! They will sell their mothers down the river. It is a real shame.

  2. I’m not at all in favor of ascending to Har Habayis. Gedolei Torah said it’s asur.
    But the Israeli government is sick for sucking up to these savage animals.


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