Soldiers Wearing Tzitzis Escape Upper Body Injuries

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idf-reservistsDuring this difficult period of Operation Protective Edge, Ezer Mizion has provided for many of the needs of both the soldiers and the civilians ranging from refreshment stands at army bases to meals for families keeping vigil at hospitals, from therapy for the traumatized to getaways for families in the South. And so Rabbi Moshe Yisraeli, director of the Ezer Mizion Petach Tikvah branch, was not surprised to receive a request from three soldiers for tzitzis. Of course, they were provided right away.

Rabbi Yisraeli went on to the many other needs of the soldiers, the tzitzis no longer on his mind.

Until four days later.

Five wounded soldiers were hospitalized. Three were wearing the tzitzis he had sent and were being treated for non-life-threatening wounds in the leg. The other two were wounded in the upper body.

You do the math.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. in the Sinai war a soldier came to Rav Elya Lopian zt”l for a bracha. The Rav advised the young man to be machmir and wear tzitzis in the shiur of the Chazzan Ish zt”l.

    The soldier’s tank took a direct hit and everything and everyone within was incinerated. There were no bodies to bring to burial… except for one. This soldier’s body was thrown from the tank and the upper body covered by the Tzitzis Chazon Ish remained intact.

    Heard from Rav Lopian Tz”l at Kfar Chassidim

  2. This is a beautiful story however I take issue with it or perhaps simply the manner in which it was written.

    To suggest that Tzitzis protect one from harm is true and remarkable. However it seems callous and ignorant to suggest that the other two soldiers were wounded because they weren’t wearing Tzitzis. I am sure that was not the intent of the article however I feel that it was insensitive.

    Every soldier deserves our awe, admiration, and respect regardless of their religious observance. Where is the sympathy when you write “The other two were wounded in the upper body…You do the math.”

    These are two beautiful souls who were wounded while protecting our people. They are somebody’s children, they have hopes and dreams they may be shattered because of these wounds.

    Just some food for thought…


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