Stabbed Jew Found in the Trunk of an Arab Car in Yerushalayim



An Israeli was found stabbed and bound in the trunk of a car in an Arab neighborhood of East Jerusalem early Friday morning after a pre-dawn police chase.

Police said the incident was likely criminal in nature, though they have not yet ruled out a nationalistically motivated attack.

Two East Jerusalem men, ages 20 and 19, were arrested.

The victim, a 60-year-old Tel Aviv resident, was taken to a local hospital, where he was listed with non-life threatening injuries.

The chase began after police on a routine patrol in the neighborhood near the Zeitim checkpoint in the capital attempted to approach a suspicious vehicle, which then took off toward the neighborhood of At-Tur on the Mount of Olives.

After a chase, the suspect vehicle hit a number of cars and came to a halt.

Police officer Khaled Salah told Ynet he was searching the car, which was likely stolen, when heard a voice screaming for help, at which point he found the victim in the trunk.

“We’ve opened an investigation to clarify the incident, but without a doubt its clear that the alertness and decisiveness of the police saved a life,” police official Chaim Shmueli told the news site.

The two men inside the car, both residents of the neighborhood, were detained.

Times of Israel



  1. This is precious. They haven’t ruled out a “nationally motivated attack.” Ya, maybe he was just giving him a ride to a yom haatzmaut bbq.


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