Breaking: Israeli Hospitalized After Stabbing At Israeli Embassy In Jordon

jordan embassy

A high ranking security officer was stabbed today at the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordon.

The attacker has been shot and killed. The area around the compound has been closed as police investigators and security officials swarm to scene.

The officer is in critical condition. No word yet on the identity of the officer or the attacker.

{ Israel Bureau}


  1. Get out of Jordan. Jordan is not our friend. Jordan is Palestine and the world must be reminded of this fact over and over, Jordan is Palestine, if they like it or not, they own it. Just because they threw out most of their Palestinians doesn’t mean that their rid of them. Send all of these Pali’s back home to Jordan.

  2. Google sent me the story through the filthy aljazeera network. They fluffed it up to say the attending Jordanian doctor was killed and the Israeli was not sane….duh, right.


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