Star-K Alert Regarding Gush Katif Lettuce


romaine-lettuce-marorDue to numerous consumer inquiries , we have tested “Chasalat Alei Katif” Romaine Lettuce from Israel and have found thrips to be present similar to regular Romaine Lettuce heads purchased in the marketplace.

Therefore, it is recommended that this product be washed and checked like any Romaine Lettuce. (instructions below)

Consumers who wish to check romaine lettuces at home are advised to follow the procedures listed below

(Please see for more detailed instructions and pictorial and video tutorials)

1. Wash the produce you wish to use in cold water (it is recommend to use a liquid detergent solution).

2. After you wash the lettuce, check it using one of the following two methods:

a. Leaf by leaf on a light box.

b. Prepare a white basin with a cold soapy solution ( electric dishwasher soap works best because there are no bubbles). Agitate the lettuce in the water. Place the basin on top of a light box and check the water for insects.

3. If no insects are found, the lettuce may be used without further inspection. Please ensure that you wash off any residual detergent.

4. If any insects are found, one should repeat steps one through three above.

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  1. Does this mean other brands here in Israel were not tested and may be ok? Or they were tested and are certainly ok? Please clarify, star-k, ok?

  2. Why would you put a “white basin” on top of a light box to check for insects in the water? Did you perhaps mean a clear glass or clear plastic container?

  3. Will the Star-K ensure that purchasers of this expensive “pre-checked” product get refunds for the difference between the purchase price and the cost of regular Romaine lettuce, which has to be checked the same exact way>

  4. @Balebos it’s not star-k certified, they are just providing a public service by informing people that there is a problem and offering a solution.

  5. The NSK New Square Kosher also put in their Letter of certification that this lettuce needs checking!!! BUYER BEWARE DON’T PUNISH THE MESSENGER

  6. Rav Yoel Schvartz Shlit’a is the Rav Hamachshir of Chasalat and he said that there were indeed problems in the plant that have been resolved now. I don’t know how to tell which lettuce is pre- and Ppost the problems

  7. #6
    “the white bowl is for contrast to see the bugs standard in the TOLAIM world. Clear bowl would not provide contrast”

    True. In that case the white container should be UNDER a good light and not on top of a light box, which would be of no help whatsoever. If you offer detailed instructions for people to follow precisely they should be correct.


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