Storm Message from Lakewood Chaveirim


lakewood-chaveirimDear Lakewood community:

We are expecting a large scale snow storm starting Monday midday and continuing into Wednesday.

While most people are enjoying the Sunday off, our team of devoted volunteers is busy making sure all our equipment is in proper working order so we can better service the needs of the community.

All we ask you is one important favor: from when the snow starts falling until the roads are clear, PLEASE STAY OFF THE ROADS. While it may be very important for you to get to your child to his/her tutor, chavrusah etc., when you suddenly skid off the road you’ll need someone to pull you out. Two things then happen: 1) someone needs to spend precious time helping you, and 2) you are slowing down the plow trucks, making their job harder and taking them longer to get YOUR road plowed.

We plan on spending our time taking care of true emergencies – please do not create unnecessary “emergencies.”

Wishing you a safe and warm week.

Lakewood Chaveirim

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  1. In a town full of lomdim one would think that this message would be superfluous. Who would not be meivin this davar mitoch davar . A Peleh


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