Strange Saga of Israeli Who Faked Abduction Continues


niv-asrafJust why did Niv Assaraf fake his own kidnapping in Yehudah near Chevron, costing the Israeli taxpayer millions of shekels?

Arutz Sheva reports that his father, Shmuel, says he doesn’t have a clue, but when he finally talks to him he wants to give him “a slap – and then a hug.”

His accomplice, soldier Eran Nagauker, is to be dishonorably discharged from the IDF as punishment for helping Assaraf stage the elaborate prank.

Assaraf will be charged with the cost of the search for him. He and his accomplice remain in jail.

“I want to apologize in the name of my son and the entire family,” Assaraf’s father said. “We also apologize to the thousands of soldiers and security forces involved in the search for Niv. We are still in the dark as to what prompted his actions.”

Meanwhile, Brig.-Gen. Moti Almoz,the army’s top spokesperson, told Channel 2 that Assaraf was “looking for attention.”

“The army did not let up until we understood beyond any doubt that we could call off the massive search,” Almoz said. “During those hours, we were focused on finding a kidnapped person alive.”

Police said they view the incident with the utmost severity in particular due to what they said was a “major waste of resources for all of the security services.”

Asraf, 22 from Beer Sheva, was found alive and well in a dry creek bed outside Kiryat Arba, with a sleeping bag and a supply of canned goods.

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