Study: Climate Change Causing Heat Waves


global-warmingA study of 22 peer-reviewed analyses on extreme weather and climate events taking place in 2013 argues that man made global warming has caused a tenfold increase in the risk for long-lasting and severe heat waves.

The analyses looked at 16 severe events in 2013, including the California drought and the Australia heat wave. A total of nine of the 16 events were tied to man made climate change. Read more at Mashable.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. there have been heat waves and droughts for thousands of years. what are these expert talking about? how can these “experts” prove anything? a bunch of junk science

  2. I’m glad to see that the frum community as a whole is starting to understand that global warming is an actual, irrefutable fact backed by the numbers. However, “man made climate change” is still a topic of speculation, and although this isn’t my field, and there may be proven facts that I’m unaware of, it seems to me that people thinking that the human race is at all powerful enough to affect global climate is typical human egotism.

  3. Pure Apikorsis the almighty uses weather chages as a message to the world daven in the morning and read carefully the words of Duvid H’melach and read Borchi Nafshi.. this article is nothing but wasted space.

  4. Guess what, gang. The ice caps on Mars are melting too.

    Humans contribute less than 0.01% to the total energy absorbed by the Earth (sunlight is the major source).

    Global warming? Maybe.
    Man-made global warming? Never.


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