Syrian Defector: Assad Regime Tested Chemical Weapons Six Weeks Ago in the Presence of Iranian Experts


assad syriaCaptain Abdul-Salam Abdul-Razzaq, a Syrian army defector who was part of the al-Assad military’s “Chemical Weapons Department,” said “the regime has already used this kind of weapon, albeit in a limited manner, namely in Baba Amr last year. The regime also threatened to use chemical weapons in al-Zabadani, distributing gas masks and radiation suits to its troops.”

He also revealed that “tests were being conducted on such weapons nearly 6 weeks ago in al-Muslimiya district in eastern Aleppo in the presence of Iranian experts.”

Abdul-Razzaq said the chemical weapons are under the direct supervision of experts from Iran, Russia and North Korea. There was a recent decision to relocate the weapons after America’s CIA had uncovered their previous locations.

{Andy Newscenter}


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