SLAUGHTER IN YERUSHALAYIM: At Least Four Killed in Har Nof Shul Terror Attack; Assailants Wielded Axes, Guns, Knives


har-nof-attack[Videos below.] Yerushalayim – At least four Jews are dead, with at least four in critical or serious condition, in the wake of a terror attack at a crowded Yerushalayim shul this morning.

Initial reports said the number of casualties was lower.

Israeli Police said two Palestinian terrorists entered the Kehilas Bnei Torah shul on Rechov Shimon Agassi in the Har Nof neighborhood at about 7 a.m., opened fire with weapons and struck mispallelim with knives and axes.

Two police officers in the vicinity were able to shoot and kill the assailants.

Police have locked down the area, and ground units and helicopters are searching for accomplices, Israel Radio said.

A police spokesman told Army radio that the two terrorists were residents of an Arab neighborhood in the capital.

Shas Party member Aryeh Deri, who lives in the immediate vicinity, told Army radio that the scene of carnage included blood on the pews and floor, with wounded and dead worshipers still wrapped in talit and tefillin religious garments.

kehillas-bnei-torahA EMS service rescuer said they were providing initial resuscitation to the first wounded person they came across, when they came under fire from the terrorists and sought cover.

“This is the first time I’ve seen rescuers come under fire from the terrorists as they were providing aid,” said medic Ya’akov Wertheimer, who lives nearby.

The attack comes two days after severe incitement in the Palestinian media after a city bus driver was found hanged in his vehicle at a bus depot. An Israeli police autopsy said he committed suicide, but Palestinian media said he was “lynched by settlers,” a report hotly denied by Israeli officials.

Watch videos of the initial moments of the attack:

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  1. Other injured in this attack to daven for:
    Eitan ben Suad Sarah
    Moshe ben Atara

    Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila (Goldstein) is Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller’s son-in-law. He was shot in the head and the back. He needs 3 operations. They took the bullet out of his head, but he needs more surgery.
    Please daven for all of the wounded!
    Here’s a link to complete Tehillim together:

  2. Gov’t and police are giving off a deep sense they feel these niftarim were our people’s creme de la creme.

    That this community were the quiet but real national treasure


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