Terror Victim Rav Krishevsky’s Family Sues Bezeq for Millions of Shekels


Six months after a terror attack in which Rav Yeshayahu Akiva Krishevsky zt”l, 60, was murdered, his family is suing the Bezeq company in the amount of millions of shekels.

The attack took place on Rechov Malchei Yisroel, where a Bezeq worker, Ala Abu Jamal, slammed his car to into a bus stop and then went on to carry out a knifing attack until he was shot dead. Rav Krishevsky was killed by the Arab terrorist.

Yesterday, Rav Krishevsky’s son, Shneur Krishevsky, filed a massive lawsuit against Bezeq, since the bomber used a car company to carry out the attack.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit pint out that a year before the terrorist attack, the Bezeq worker was interviewed by Ynet after his cousin carried out the terrible massacre at the Bnei Torah shul in Har Nof. In that interview, the worker praised his cousin, the brutal terrorist who murdered mispallelim at the shul. The worker also called for similar attacks.

Rav Krichevsky’s son, in his suit, says that Bezeq should have fired the terrorist immediately at that point in time. Leaving him in his job, and even giving him a company car, says the suit, was the height of irresponsibility.

The exact amount of the suit has not been revealed, but it is estimated to be over a million dollars.

Bezeq has thus far said that it was not aware of the aforementioned interview and the fact that their worker praised the terrorist attack carried out by his cousin.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. While everyone feels horrible for their loss, it’s not Bezeq’s fault. How does the Torah view this issue?

    Not what some Israeli lawyer came up with and hopes to now hit it big with this case…


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