Texting 911 In NYC One Step Closer To A Reality


New Yorkers in need of emergency help will be able to text 911 by early 2018 — nine years after the service was first offered in the nation, the city announced Tuesday.

The long-overdue option is part of the city’s broader NextGeneration 911 project, which will also let callers send photos and videos and interact through social media.

The service, first tried in Black Hawk County, Iowa in 2009, was offered in 2014 to local governments able to provide it.

(Source: NY POST)


  1. And what would the idiots charge?
    As it is, if you see an emergency and call 911 today you’re charged 90 cents to report the emergency.

  2. @zalmen of sommerset
    Myth: your charged $.90 per call to 911
    Fact: you get charged a monthly 911 surcharge (price depends on state, in New Jersey its $.90) to fund 911, that fee is regardless of whether or not you call 911.

  3. Oh come on. Someone has to pay for your Senator/Councilman/assemblyman’s pension, so it might as well be YOU!


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