The Kosher Haircut Guide for Lag Ba’omer

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upsherinWith the Lag Ba’omer haircut season looming ahead, Kollel Zichron Ephraim Heschel of Far Rockaway, under the leadership of Rav Binyomin Forst, author of the well-known ArtScroll Halacha series on hilchos brachos, niddah and kashrus, has just finished printing a most exciting and helpful poster to help educate the public in the not-well-known halachos of payos harosh

The poster, titled “The Kosher Haircut Guide,” clearly shows the common mistakes made in all styles of haircuts, whether the person is bearded, clean shaven, or chassidish. The intent is to have the poster on permanent display in yeshivos, shuls and barber shops, so that the frum public will be aware of the issurim involved. One of the most common mistakes displayed is what occurs when a barber rounds out the area above the front part of the ear, using a hair clipper without a guard on it. 

Many well-meaning askanim have attempted in the past to educate the public about this issue. Due to the difficulty in relaying the information in writing or in primitive diagrams, the attempts never really accomplished their goals. The current poster uses high definition computer-altered digital photographs of real people in order to demonstrate the information in an easy-to-understand visual way. The head is divided into several “halachic zones” so that one can clearly see which areas to watch out for.

The poster, as new as it is, has received a most enthusiastic welcome by both rabbonim and the public in general. Many leading poskim, including Rav Dovid Feinstein, have seen and approved the poster.

The 18″x24″ laminated poster is available for free if it will be on permanent public display in a yeshiva, shul, or barber shop. All others can have a free pdf file of the poster emailed to them, and can print the poster on their home printer or bring it to their local copy center. 

Call 877-Payos-26 (877.729.6726) for simple directions on how to get a copy of the poster or for additional information, including a frequently asked questions section regarding the poster.

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