The Power of the Podcast


Imagine kosher inspiration available wherever and whenever you are, never expires, you can choose the topic.  In the ever changing environment of media consumption, podcasting is a new and unique medium for enjoying content.  Despite having started over a decade ago, podcasts are continuing to gain momentum in increased listenership and the type of available content.

Rather than a radio show or simply a shiur, the magic of a podcast is that a typical formula is one of an interview.  And where previously a person had to achieve a certain level of fame or publicity in order to be in the media, with the mass democratization available via the internet, the world has become smaller and we can learn more about each other, from those not vetted by an arbitrary vote of confidence from a network.

While there are podcasts which provide access to all kinds of people, until recently there were very few podcasts designed specifically for the Jewish and Torah world.  Because the Torah stresses the tremendous benefit in having a personal relationship with teachers and leaders instead of just learning from them, the Lift Your Legacy with Jacob Rupp podcast interviews Jewish leaders and thought leaders about issues and concepts relevant to the Jewish people.

“I have always been inspired by big thinkers, and as someone who became frum later in life, I was always seeking mentorship and insights into how to live life to its fullest in the Jewish sense.  And as I started having these conversations, I knew others could benefit as well,” says Rupp.

In his interviews with experts and thought leaders across the spectrum, from Lori Palatnik, head of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, to Rabbi Benzion Klatzko of, and R’ Avraham Edelstein, founder of Olami and the current Director of Neve Yerushalayim, listeners are exposed more than just the projects themselves. They delve into the lives of the people behind them, what makes them tick, and how their experiences lead them to where they are now.

This unique look provides the listener not just with a project, a class, or an organization with which to be involved, but real time and real world access to the leaders who are endeavoring to make a difference in the Jewish world and what pushes them to accomplish more.

Two other podcasts of note that were recently released were “Jews You Should Know” and “Duvi Honig’s Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s BIZ Podcast.”  “Jews You Should Know” showcases movers and shakers in the Jewish world, like Senator Joseph Lieberman and Rabbi Warren Goldstein, chief rabbi of South Africa and the founder of the Shabbos Project.

“The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s BIZ Podcast” highlights business and political professionals who provide valuable insights and tips to help listeners think bigger and create more success in their personal lives.

The shows can be found on iTunes (Apple’s massive podcast platform), Soundcloud, and their respective websites.

One can find these and other podcasts downloading a podcasting app on the iPhone or Android, or finding the shows on their respective websites.

The barrier to enter into the podcast space is low, so anyone with a desire to create value for others should consider trying their hand at the medium.  Jacob Rupp, the founder of the Lift Your Legacy podcast and host of the OJC Biz Podcast offers a free consult for thost looking to start their own.  He can be reached at



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